The Sprout Collection – Modern Maternity Wardrobe Rental

As most of you know, I am currently expecting my second little one and yes, this will be the last. When I was pregnant with Jack, I was working from home and living in a lot of stretchy pants and oversized sweaters in the -30 weather. But with this pregnancy, it’s a different story. I am crazy busy, meeting clients, working long hours and trying to get through what will surely be a hot summer. So, slightly different pregnancies and life circumstances, you could say!

I truthfully gave away a lot of my maternity wear since a lot of it wasn’t appropriate for the different season anyway. And some pieces I quite honestly hated – they were online purchases that I just made work for the time being. So this go around I wanted to try something new so I googled Canadian maternity wear. A company called The Sprout Collection popped up and I was very intrigued!

The concept behind The Sprout Collection is to rent your maternity wardrobe, instead of having to invest in buying and keeping pieces you are only going to wear for a short amount of time. You commit to either a one month option or an ongoing, monthly subscription. Each month, you choose 4 new pieces, from dresses to pants to workwear…anything really…and they deliver them right to your door. After the month, you send them back with their prepaid label, dirty because they dry clean everything, and then get your new box of beautiful wardrobe pieces immediately.

I had to try them out for one month because the concept was just so great to me. And here is my honest review of the business and brand…First, the positives…

What I Loved About Sprout Collection

What I Found To Be (Somewhat) Negatives About The Sprout Collection:

All in all, I had an incredible experience with The Sprout Collection. They are a fabulous team of amazing women and I fully support this venture. I loved each piece that I got to try and I would happily do it again. The dresses I selected made me feel beautiful, elevated and put together…something that you definitely need when your body is changing so much.

What do you think?! Would you try a rental wardrobe for your pregnancy? Have you tried The Sprout Collection? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!