• March 2, 2021

The demon from the smartphone

In the horror thriller “Countdown”, teenagers are predicted the date of death via the app. Playing with the fear of the announced death has a cinematic tradition. Modern people strive for …

Aurélie struggles senselessly

The Working Poor in Paris: In “False Start”, Marion Messina draws the disturbing portrait of a generation that, unlike its parents, is denied social advancement. Aurélie lives in Paris and is …

Coronavirus: Vienna’s fifth suspected case negative

A Chinese tourist had complained of a sore throat. In total, there were already six suspected coronavirus cases in Austria, all of which were not confirmed. In Vienna there is also …


Three suspected cases in Lower Austria, as well as one in Styria and one in Tyrol have arisen. The seven returnees are currently being tested.

There are five new suspected coronavirus cases in Austria. As the Ministry of Health announced Monday morning, there are three cases in Lower Austria and one each in Styria and Tyrol. The results of the seven Austrian returnees from the Corona high-risk region of Wuhan were still pending in the morning.

The six adults and one child are not suspected because they have no symptoms. They are considered healthy and are still in quarantine.

So far there have been around 40 suspected coronavirus cases in Austria. In all of these cases, the all-clear was given after tests. However, it is only a matter of time before the first confirmed case also appears in Austria, the infectious and tropical medicine specialist told the “press”.




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