Scrubbing the House with Scrubbi

I have to be honest with you, I like to clean. There’s something so satisfying about spending, let’s say, a Sunday afternoon scrubbing, organizing and putting my home back together. And yet, when someone offers to clean your house when you are 6 months pregnant, it’s hard to pass that up! Especially when that company seems like a really reputable one.

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This is exactly what happened when Scrubbi, a Canadian company that offers house cleaning services across the country, reached out to me with the opportunity to have two deep cleans of the house. I had to say yes! My belly has made it harder to get down and dirty and the lower energy levels have put deep cleaning down the list of priorities a bit. With a busy business and juggling Jack’s schedule, the maintenance side of things has definitely waned. Post Spring season is always the worst too with both our messy, shedding pups and now that the weather is beautiful, we want to be spending time outside together…not indoors cleaning, right?!

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So, I was thankful to Scrubbi for the well timed partnership and looked forward to my sessions. They do offer a range of services to choose between and it was nice to see the checklist of what to expect with my cleaning. The customer support concierge gave me a call and that was actually my favourite part. He was so helpful, incredibly professional and made me feel very taken care of.

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Now for the cleaning sessions themselves…what did I think?! And let me preface this with a couple of caveats.

1) I am extremely type A when it comes to my home lol. I mean I’m a designer so that goes without saying, I think. We keep a very tidy house, so I don’t need just a vacuum and wipe down. It’s the deep stuff I’m after! 2) Because I do clean a lot, I have high expectations and I’ve been treated to some great home cleans in the past so there’s the comparison thing.

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Cleaning #1 – there was unfortunately a broke down car situation and the company had to last minute change the time/cleaner on me. They handled it so smoothly and professionally, I didn’t mind in the least. Their communication was on point and so quick! But because of that, my cleaner may have felt rushed or there might have been some other extenuating factors that affected the service. I was disappointed with the kitchen counters/sink and super bummed when I didn’t see much attention to baseboards or walls. Other than that, fantastic on all other fronts.

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Cleaning #2 – the cleaner that came this go around was LOVELY! She asked about my pregnancy, took some time to connect with me and I felt I could communicate more about how difficult it was to get low now, so that was my highest priority. And because of that, she deep cleaned the shower floor and did more general wipe downs and dusting of the walls/baseboards. It was nice to feel like she heard me and spent a little more time on the things that mattered to me. I also took that as a good lesson to not feel like I can’t communicate better at the outset of any service – why not set the expectation and chat with them, right?!

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Anyways, I loved Scrubbi for the fact that they were very professional, organized and used eco-friendly cleaning products. I also love that the company is Canadian – yay! It’s hard for me to pinpoint anything that really makes the company different than others from a cleaning perspective but I’d hire them again strictly for the concierge customer support and reliability. Having a regular monthly or bi-weekly clean isn’t within our budget, however, it’s nice to have an option if I need a cleaning here or there when baby comes or life gets just a bit too busy!

Have you tried Scrubbi?! If so, what was your experience? I’d love to hear in the comments below!