different types of fashion styles

What you wear most times is a definition of who you are. If there is one thing you should always pay attention to as a woman, it is your fashion and outfit styles. Women of fashion are known to make the right fashion statements with whatever they put on to any event. You need to have the right fashion sense to get your outfit style right. In case you are are at a loss on what you can wear or how to look your best when you step out, you have found the right post. In this post, we will look at different types of fashion styles for women and fashion ideas you can borrow to look good at all times.

1.Girly Style

The girly fashion style is the hallmark of feminism. If you like the girly look, the girly style is great for you. Most of your girly outfits will be made up of pink clothes and accessories. You will need a lot of colorful makeup to highlight your girly outfits. Most of your outfits will be in skirts, blouses, and dresses that are cutely designed with laces, bows, ruffles, and flounces.

2.Rocker, Chic, Style

The major staples for this outfit include skinny leather pants and jeans, spiky heels black boots, vintage shirts with significant patches, motorcycle or bomber jackets and black colors and other dark colors in makeup and accessories. People who follow this style wear clothes that fit their form. Most other style statements for this style include black nail polishes and studs in all the clothing they wear. They also wear lots of flashy jewelry such as spiky necklaces and chunky bracelets.


Some people have never touched a skateboard with their legs. If you make the list of women who have neither held a skateboard with their hands nor touched it with their legs, you can also enjoy the skateboarder’s fashion style. Skateboarders wear loose and comfortable clothes that are functional and fashionable. Skater chic is another name for skateboarders’ outfit. These include large graphic t-shirts with widely open over a shirt, skater shoes, sneakers, skater pants, hoodies or shorts.

4.Goth Fashion

This fashion style is for women with the daredevil fashion sense. Such women do not give a damn about what anybody thinks of their outfit styles. This is a term used for the mystic type of fashion. This goth fashion has its verge on the edge of morbidness. Many know about goth fashion as the dress sense of vampires in vampire-inspired movies. This fashion style is often associated with female rock musicians and teenagers whose mode of dressing is exclusively all black. This goth fashion goes behind what you see on these female rocks stars. The goth fashion involves a very distinct morbid culture often used in fiction and movies. You can rock this style at any time for a touch if a mystery.

5.Maternity Style

Anytime you are pregnant or nursing a new baby, the maternity style helps you accommodate the larger size of your stomach and help you retain your charm. If you will love to look good even when your baby bump has become very pronounced or after you have been delivered of the baby with the telltale post-pregnancy sign still on your belly, the maternity style is ideal for you.

6.Lolita Fashion

The lolita fashion is the term used for big girl’s outfits that imitates little girls. It is mostly for beautiful teenage girls in their twenties but can be worn by women who are a bit older than the teenagers these styles were made for. However, it is important to check if it fits before you try it on. If it looks too childish on you, there is no point in trying these fashion styles meant for younger ladies.

Looking good is good business. So, do all you can to make sure you always step out of your home looking your best. When you dress well, you can never fail to make a good first impression and attract the right people and things into your life. Sometimes, all you need to attract that one person that can change your life forever is to wear the right things the right way.

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