• March 2, 2021

The demon from the smartphone

In the horror thriller “Countdown”, teenagers are predicted the date of death via the app. Playing with the fear of the announced death has a cinematic tradition. Modern people strive for …

Aurélie struggles senselessly

The Working Poor in Paris: In “False Start”, Marion Messina draws the disturbing portrait of a generation that, unlike its parents, is denied social advancement. Aurélie lives in Paris and is …

Coronavirus: Vienna’s fifth suspected case negative

A Chinese tourist had complained of a sore throat. In total, there were already six suspected coronavirus cases in Austria, all of which were not confirmed. In Vienna there is also …


Up-to-date information on the novel virus is available on the websites of the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Agency for Health and Food Security.

The current suspected cases of coronavirus in Austria have been published on the website of the Ministry of Social Affairs since Tuesday, the case to be clarified in Carinthia can be found on the home page. Health Minister Rudolf Anschober (Greens) announced this in the briefing on Monday at the Ministry of the Interior, the actual status is updated daily at 10:00 a.m.

“We use it to communicate transparently and clearly. In ongoing coordination with the state social officers. It is important to act prudently and not to give rumors. There is currently no reason to panic. Austria is well positioned,” Anschober said in a press release.

Information Hotline

The Agency for Health and Food Security (AGES) already has a free info line on Monday on the phone number 0800-555 621 set up. At the time from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Monday to Friday) AGES experts provide up-to-date information on transmission, symptoms and the prevention of the new virus.

Detailed information on “2019-nCoV”, recommendations for action and protective measures as well as information for specialist staff can also be found on the specially created website of AGES – this is also updated regularly.

So far, infections have only rarely led to death. If the number of fatalities is related to the number of infections, the mortality rate (death rate) is less than three percent. Previous reports have been particularly affected by risk groups such as the elderly.

According to experts, one week is sufficient to recover from mild coronavirus symptoms. Mild courses of the infection do not appear as pneumonia, but only as a mild fever.




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