• March 2, 2021

The demon from the smartphone

In the horror thriller “Countdown”, teenagers are predicted the date of death via the app. Playing with the fear of the announced death has a cinematic tradition. Modern people strive for …

Aurélie struggles senselessly

The Working Poor in Paris: In “False Start”, Marion Messina draws the disturbing portrait of a generation that, unlike its parents, is denied social advancement. Aurélie lives in Paris and is …

Coronavirus: Vienna’s fifth suspected case negative

A Chinese tourist had complained of a sore throat. In total, there were already six suspected coronavirus cases in Austria, all of which were not confirmed. In Vienna there is also …


Corrective anger or necessary improvement? The question of why composers waste a lot of time revising their works.

Beethoven composed his “only” opera three times. In 1804, 1805 and 1814 he presented “Fidelio” in quite different forms. Unusually enough, you can experience all three, prepared in a scenic way, in Vienna in the anniversary year, from the classic, unadulterated Otto Schenk production of the last version to – see the review by Walter Weidringer. As exciting as it is to be able to look over the shoulder of a genius, the music lover is so restless – I know, for historians inadmissible! – Ask what would have happened if.



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